Requinator is a Rich Internet Application running in your browser. It is available as a hosted application (SaaS) and no software must be installed on your local client. For detailed information please contact us.


  • The intuitive user interface adapts to the  role of the current user (e.g. project manager, technical expert, etc), allowing him to concentrate on his tasks.
  • The user interface is multi-lingual and can be easily translated to any language.

Data handling

  • The various stakeholders (customer, manufacturer and sub-suppliers, notified bodies, certification authorities can cooperate directly within the software.
  • Appropriate and fine-grain access control ensures confidentiality.
  • For external partners data can be exchanged in CSV and ReqIF format. Import and export filters  can be adapted to project specifc needs.


  • All on screen displays and printable reports can be filtered to show only the currently relevant data.
  • Reports can be generated in HTML (fast) and PDF (high quality).
  • The modular software designs allows for highly customizable reports to accomodate the various stakeholders and projects.

One size fits all? The Requinator software can be easily adapted and extended to the needs of your organisation.